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SEO can be one of the most productive tools in your marketing mix. Driving your website ranking high on search engines with profitable keyword terms puts your brand in front of potential customers who are actively looking to buy your service or product. Traditional SEO strategies only look at the click through numbers and forget that unless your visitors engage with you, there is no gain. Buzzbizz Creative is different in that we marry the numbers game of SEO with the on-site marketing strategies to create what we call Digital Engagement Optimization (DEO).


Search Engine Optimization Is Not Enough

SEO is the science of creating optimal keyword rankings for a website. Good SEO focuses on terms people use to search for specific subjects related to products and services. Great SEO focuses on more targeted, profitable keyword terms that directly relate to your products or services.

The science of search engine optimization involves on-site optimization tactics, off-site optimization practices, and on-line directory marketing. Buzzbizz Creative treats your website uniquely, finding ways to make your site stand out in the sea of sites competing for coveted profitable keyword terms. But what is the use of higher traffic if people don’t engage with your brand? This is where BBC takes your on-line presence to the next level with Digital Engagement Optimization (DEO).

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Our SEO Methodology Is Truly Different

Everyone in the Search Engine Optimization game touts that they can increase traffic to your website but very few have a methodology that actually leads to higher profits. Our digital engagement optimization (DEO) methodology marries all the functions of digital marketing into one cohesive campaign that ultimately focuses on the engagement of potential clients. We accomplish this by combining the science of SEO with our on-site marketing strategies.

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